Portal of Hunan Ku Poster

Portal of Hunan Ku Poster

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A unique poster by the artist “Andrew Annenberg” called “Portal of Hunab Ku” from “The Lost World Series”.

Commentary by the artist:
"PORTAL of HUNAB KU also uncovers evidence of a highly sophisticated society, a civilization distant and unknown, where art and architectural remains speak of supernatural influence, of advanced tribes who mysteriously abandoned their unearthly creations. The Mayan mythology of creation speaks of Kuxan Suum, a pathway of cosmic resonance traveling through the sun, past our galaxy, to the center of our universe. Its destination is HUNAB KU, the source of all movement and measure, an all-pervading conscious energy that manifests the rhythm and form of our universe. Deep beneath the sea a light pulses and emanates the life force of benevolent consciousness. Dolphins and a myriad of sea life swim about, basking in the creative energies streaming forth from Mayan ruins, rejoicing in their connection with this ancient intelligence."

Height: 38 inches

Length: 24.5 inches